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Canadian DJs

DVBBS, a Canadian DJ duo formed by brothers Christopher and Alexandre van den Hoef, are known for their dynamic and multi-instrumental approach to music. Their colorful, multicultural background deeply influences their unique sound in the electronic music scene.

Corrupt UK

Corrupt UK is a UK-based DJ and producer known for his bass-driven house music. His style combines innovative vocals with captivating basslines, making him a prominent name in the underground dance music scene.

NLE Choppa
American rapper

NLE Choppa is an American rapper celebrated for his vibrant, high-energy performances and a style that blends rhythmic intensity with melodic flair.

Canadian DJ

Canadian DJ and producer known for his seamless blend of different genres and styles in the electronic dance music world.

G-House Wizard

G-House artist from Phoenix known for infusing elements of hip-hop with classic house and spinning unforgettable live shows.

Michael Sparks

Prolific DJ and producer known for his groovy basslines and breakbeat hip-hop styling productions.

Canadian rapper

Known for his energetic stage presence and sing-along-worthy tracks, Killy has become one of Canada's hottest hip-hop exports, inspiring a legion of fans with his upbeat, positive vibes.

Sullivan King
American DJ

Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist and producer blending bass music, metal, and hard rock to disrupt the electronic world with his intense live shows.

Dance/Electronic DJ

Fast-rising Canadian electronic artist known for his heartfelt songs and infectious grooves.


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